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We are the provider of High Quality Ethernet Cables - Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a CMP/CMR at Affordable Prices. Ethernet Networking Cables are available in different colors with free & fast shipping.

Our Policies

  • Ordering Policy

  • The ordering policy includes the following important clauses:
    We won’t process your order if:

  • Your payment is not authorized
  • The product is not in stock
  • There is some technical error in the website

  • When your order has been accepted, we send a confirmation email to tell you that your order is being processed.

  • Payment and Pricing Policy

  • The correct prices are displayed along with the products on our website. If you are not capable of availing the free shipping offers, then the delivery costs will add up to the total price of your purchased product.
    If the products that you wish to purchase are out of stock, then we will notify you in a short while. But we try our best to display the available products at their current prices in all cases. You will have to pay the price that you see while placing the order, without any changes even if the price has increased or decreased after order placement.
    We will not accept your order if your payment is unauthorized and we will dispatch the product just when your payment card issuer gives the authorization.

    Secure payment methods

    We accept payment from various methods that are secure and never give out your personal information. You do not have to worry about the cash and payments, as they are carried out in the way you like them and securely and safely.

    User reviews and comments

    The user reviews and comments are always welcomed as they help us to improve our products and develop our website. When you comment or give any feedback, you give Route2Cables the right to modify, transmit, reproduce, display and post your reviews and comments in any way they like. Before making any comments you must agree that your comment and feedback will not violate the policies of third parties, such as their trademark, copyright, privacy and other proprietary and personal rights. Your comments should not include any abusive, unlawful, libelous or obscene material, otherwise, you will be liable to face the music.

    Linking to this site

    If you wish to link Route2Cables to any of your sites, then you can only link the home page. Linking other pages need prior permission from Rute2Cables, otherwise you will be liable to legal action. Everyone is prohibited to frame any web page of this site.

    Customer service

    We have a 24/7 customer service available to assist you and help you out. The people at customer care are friendly and they will advise you about the best and give you all the necessary information that you need for any products or purchases. You can call +1 347 480 1364 anytime and get prompt feedback.