Cat6A Plenum Cables

Cat6A Plenum Cables

Specs of Cat6a Plenum Cables

The specs that Cat6A Plenum Cables come with are quite powerful, with 10-gigabit Ethernet. There are 4 twisted wire pairs, comprising the internal structure of these cables. The wiring of these cables can be divided into two types, the shielded one and the shielded one. In unshielded cables, the twisted pairs are not wrapped separately whereas in the shielded cables, all wire pairs are separately wrapped and then wrapped in the big cover. The Extra Twisted Pairs make these cables best in dealing with all sorts of cross-talks and electromagnetic interferences.

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This cable offers an exceptional data transfer rates, delivering data at the speed of 650 MHz, making them ideal for use in big networks. The thickness ofCat6A Plenum Cables not just gives integrity to the data but it also saves it from all the types of cross-talks. Less data is lost on the way and safer data transfer is ensured.

Safety values

These cables offered by Route2cables are tested many times, to offer the best cables to the customers, going through the fluke test and coming with attestations. These cables resist fire and keep the building safe even when used in plenum spaces.

Cat6A Plenum Cables Route2Cables

Plenum-rated jacket

The plenum-rated jacket of Cat6A cables is made up of high-quality material making is chemical resistant as well as resilient in extreme temperatures. The temperatures at which these cables can work range from -25 degrees Celsius to 125 degrees Celsius. This jacket also makes these cables helpful when used in environments surrounded by electrical interferences.

Cat6A Plenum Cables Route2Cables

Benefits of using Cat6A Plenum cables

The benefits that come along buying and using Cat6A cables include:

·         Compatibility: These cables are backward compatible, making them useful even with older products. The old devices also support these devices, so you do not have to worry when changing your cables to Cat6A.

·         High speed: These cables provide data transfer speeds up to 650-750 MHz, accounting for one of the biggest benefits of these cable. In addition to that, the Cat6A supports 10-gigabit Ethernet applications. This is ideal when running a big network requiring high data transfer rates.

·         Color range: This cable comes in a variety of cables, making it easier to identify in a big network with multiple cables.

·         Usage for many industries: These days, many industries are shifting towards cat6A cables, because of their compatibility and usefulness. Education sector and healthcare industries are one the big places that rely on Cat6A cables.

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Where can you buy Cat6a Plenum cables?

There are many places in USA which offer many varieties of Ethernet cables, including the Cat6a Plenum cables. But the one that offers the cables at the most reasonable price and special offers and deals is Route2cables. They pack the cables so nicely that they do not face the problem of tangling up and causing trouble when you receive them.

Cat6A Plenum Cables Route2Cables

Route2cables offers the most friendly customer support which you can contact anytime to ask anything. You can also return the cables if you are not satisfied with the easy return policy. What else do you need?