Cat6 Plenum Cables

Cat6 Plenum Cables

  • 27 January, 2022
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What are Cat6 Cables?

These are category 6 cables which have Extra Twisted Pair of Cables that are used best in Ethernet and Network Applications. One of the best things about these cables is that they are backward complete, they can easily work with Cat3 and Cat5/5e cables.

One of the other distinguishing factors is that they support higher bandwidth as compared to the Cat 5 and Cat5e cables. They come with outfit of foil braided shielding which makes the work with the highest performance, not affected by crosstalk and noise interference. This shielding also protects the Ethernet Cables from getting damaged and helps them to support speeds up to 10 Gbps.

Why Plenum Coating?

The Plenum Coating of Cat6 cables helps it to work unaffected, even in plenum spaces. These are places in the infrastructure which have air circulation all the time. This makes them catch fire easily and spread the already lit fire. But the Cat6 cables, when coated with plenum, are able to resist fire and produce lesser amount of smoke.

Why have Cat6 Plenum Cables?

The Cat6 cables have many additional benefits as compared to the ordinary cables. These features make these cables the best in town and beneficial for many purposes. They serve as the most efficient cables, losing the least bit of signals and data strength. The most prominent benefits include:

Speed and performance of Cat6 Plenum

The level of speed that Cat6 Plenum Cables provide is one of the biggest benefit they offer. These cables can handle speed performances going up to 250 MHz. Because of this feature, the cables can be used with a faster Ethernet network, which counts 10 GB Ethernet and even gigabit Ethernet connections.

The particular reason for introducing these cables was to complement Gigabit internet including a wide range of patch panels, interface cards, switches, routers and many other parts, which make up the complete gigabit network. The people are realizing these days that Cat6 Plenum cables are able to provide a fast internet performance, delivering speeds in gigabits.

Delivering performance more than Cat5 cables

The Structure of Cat6 Cables is very similar to that of cat5 and cat5e cables. They all come packed with 8 wires twisted together in four pairs. The only difference in the internal structure is that the Cat6 cables have one wire kept away from the rest of the wires in order to provide double bandwidth speed as compared to the cat5 and cat5e cables.


If you wish to upgrade the cable network of your company, then Cat6 Cable is a part of the upgrade. The other units in the system must support gigabit speeds for the Cat6 Cable to perform its best. The cat6 cables are becoming industry standards, therefore, all the small businesses are recommended to get shifted to Cat6 Cables.

Backward compatible

The Cat6 Cables come with the similar plug and port as that of the Cat5 and Cat5e Cables. Therefore, you can plug these into the ports and connections same as that of Cat5 and Cat5e Cables.

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