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  • Route 2 Cables make your connections with the world around you more long-lasting and durable than ever! Living in this connected world, breaks in connection can prove disastrous. So, keep connected with Route 2 Cables.

    Who are we?

    We are the best team of designers and developers and have the best ideas and the latest designs to provide you with the longest lasting and fire resistant cables. We are famous for providing the people with low voltage and premium quality cables such as our Cat5e plenum, Cat6 plenum and cat6A cables. These cables are a fantastic display of the best coating on multiple twisted wires, providing the people with the best ever cables that can be fixed comfortably in all kinds of infrastructure.

    Our Mission

    At Route 2 Cables, the main aim is providing the valuable customers with the best cables in the country. Our team of experts is committed to providing more than satisfactory IT infrastructure to satisfy the needs of people and will continue to make the people love our products in the coming years too.

    Assurance of Quality

    We are very proud to present uniquely designed and attested cables to be used in commercial as well as residential infrastructure. The cables we provide have gone through various tests, which guarantee the customer satisfaction because of the maximum performance. We guarantee that data losses would be minimized and all kinds of cross-talks would be avoided with the cables providing the best-quality signals and the best data transfer rates.

    Our Cables

    Electrical wiring is one of the most essential components of any infrastructure, so the decision to select the right cables for your new building is a very important decision. There are many properties worth-considering, including the cables being durable, long-lasting, UV resistant, fire resistant etc. Our cables come with all these features and many more, which make them the best cables in the country. We offer the best Cat5e plenum, Cat6 plenum and cat6A cables with the additional property of being fire-retardant. They deliver the best signals, avoiding all sorts of crosstalks. This makes them the perfect cable to be used in commercial as well as residential buildings.